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Meet Realtor Simon Saleh

Through Business, Healthcare and Marketing Simon took a huge role in leadership in his community. Simon inspired young individuals to continue seeking their career path by founding Non-Profit Organizations in 2018.

Student Career Services Foundation

Student Career Services Foundation in 2018. Nonprofit Organization 503C by Simon Saleh in Lincoln Park Michigan

Simon attended the Michael Berry Career Center and took the role of President for the Health Occupation Students of America. Simon also attended to School of Business at Wayne County Community College completing 2 years. He also attended the School of Nursing at Henry Ford College completing Care in Nursing.

Simon was on the ballot for State Rep. in 2020. Although, he did not win he still went out and supported his community members.

Before Real Estate Simon specialized in face-to-face marketing and direct and outsourced sales. Simon provides successful sales and marketing solutions for his clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, nationally recognized brands, and regional and local businesses. Simon independently owned and operated corporate distributors and his respective sales representatives.

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