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Looking to buy a home?

By: Realtor Simon Saleh

first, congrats on making a commitment to finding a new home.

I took the time to save you time and money during the buying process. I want this transaction to go smoothly for both of us.

Step 1: Funds & House Showings

I need proof of funds, if you are buying cash, I would need a bank statement showing at least 20% of the purchase price to arrange the house showings.

For example, you are looking to buy for $100,000 I would need a bank statement showing $20,000 in your name.

If you are getting a mortgage I would need a preapproval letter for at least 80-91% of the purchase price. If you need any assistant getting a mortgage email

Step 2: Identification & Deposit

I need a driver's license or ID in your legal name before I make any offers in a house or building.

If you are getting a mortgage the deposit would be based on the mortgage funds. If you are buying cash I will inform you how much I would need to be sent with the offer.

Step 3: Inspection & appraisal

I will recommend you to get an inspection to make sure the home is up to code. If you are getting a mortgage the lender/bank will arrange an appraisal to make sure the house is worth the investment.

Step 4: Title company & Closing

Title - If the offer is accepted, I will do all the paperwork for you and check the house taxes and utilities. I also will arrange the title company to do a title search to make sure the house is in good standing.

Closing - In most cases in closing you would be responsible to pay a closing cost to the title company and other fees may apply I will inform you in advance. Closing can take up to 45 days.

Step 5: Office Fee

I work with my clients in black & white, I hate surprises and I don't want to surprise you either. My office charges $395 a flat fee due at closing. My commission is paid at closing by the seller in most cases but not always. But in other cases you the buyer will have to pay me a commission, don't worry I will let you know before we start anything.

Written by: Simon Saleh

Phone: 248-635-2880


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